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Banner Image Spring BioScience

Company Overview

Spring Bioscience designs, develops and manufactures antibodies to assess protein biomarkers in tissue samples.  Spring Antibodies are for Research Use Only (RUO), not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

Spring Bioscience Approach

Our Approach

Founded by scientists with primary focus on IHC, Spring Bioscience has grown a menu of highly-sensitive SP clones (Spring Proprietary) that yield spectacular best-in-class sensitivity, specificity and consistency in tissue-based applications.  Our process to research, develop, and evaluate an antibody against target biomarker sequences is designed to empower your cancer research.

Spring Bioscience Logo

Roche Family of Companies

Spring Bioscience is the antibody center of excellence for Roche Tissue Diagnostics.  Adding regular collaboration and industry partnership with lifescience and pharmaceutical companies including Genentech, Spring maintains a product pipeline ahead of the competition and relevant to your field of cancer research.  

Spring Bioscience: History of Innovation

Spring Bioscience has a long history of success.  ER (SP1) was Spring’s first rabbit monoclonal antibody and remains the gold standard Estrogen Receptor marker for researchers around the globe.  Spring’s menu continues to grow with over 300 SP clones available today, recognized as best-in-class IHC markers for their high affinity, sensitivity, and specificity. 

Spring Antibodies

Spring Bioscience offers a comprehensive list of Rabbit Monoclonal, Rabbit Polyclonal and Mouse Monoclonal primary antibodies to further your cancer research.  Spring Antibodies are for Research Use Only (RUO), not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

SP Clone Logo

Rabbit Monoclonal antibodies (SP Clones)

Spring proprietary “SP” clones continue to emerge as best-in-class IHC markers for their high affinity, sensitivity, and specificity.  Our menu of IHC markers is carefully selected, well characterized, and the standard for advancing the study of cancer.  Beginning with Spring’s first rabbit monoclonal antibody Estrogen Receptor (SP1), there are now over 300 SP clones available today.

Spring Bioscience Technology

IHC Antibody Menu

Spring has provided Roche with over 150 Spring Bioscience monoclonal antibodies developed against clinically-relevant biomarkers for use in research. See the complete menu of IHC biomarkers:  


                                     Spring Bioscience Menu


Spring Bioscience: Antibody Development Process

Spring Bioscience collaborates with industry opinion leaders and pharma partners for insights into cancer research.  Combined with our proprietary process and expertise, Spring delivers antibodies that identify any number of cancer specific biomarkers and pathways.


Our mission at Spring is to launch new and valuable IHC products (antibodies) every year with a focus on cancer and research. Spring Antibodies are for Research Use Only (RUO), not for use in diagnostic procedures.  

Spring Bioscience M384-SP84 (EGFR) Lung Squamous cell carcinoma

A Focus on IHC

Spring brings a diversity of knowledge and expertise to deliver antibody biomarkers, well-characterized against their targets and entirely focused on IHC applications.  In-house rabbit monoclonal technology improves upon traditional hybridoma approaches, allowing for accelerated delivery of a broad menu of highly specific and sensitive SP clones.



Spring Bioscience Quality

Commitment to Quality

Spring uses proprietary recombinant technology to develop best-in-class rabbit monoclonal antibodies. This advancement ensures efficient scaling of manufacturing, lot to lot consistency, and unparalleled reproducibility.  Spring Bioscience is a ISO9001:2008 certified company, with focus and commitment to product quality and continuous improvement.

Spring Bioscience: IHC Development Process

Spring’s leading edge recombinant rabbit monoclonal technology incorporates IHC throughout our entire development process, from initial peptide design to monoclonal screening.  This exclusive selection process ensures we select the optimum clone for use in IHC applications