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MagNA Pure LC DNA Isolation Kit I - Lysis/Binding Buffer - Refill

Additional Lysis/Binding Buffer for use with the MagNA Pure LC DNA Isolation Kit I and MagNA Pure LC DNA Isolation Kit - Large Volume.
For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
03246752001 100 mL

To order these products, please contact your Roche order management team.

For general laboratory use. 
The MagNA Pure LC DNA Isolation Kit Lysis/Binding Buffer Refill is designed for lysis of mammalian blood, blood cells, or cultured cells, and the stabilization of nucleic acids. After the addition of Lysis/Binding Buffer to the sample, the cells are lysed and enzymes (e.g., ribonucleases) are effectively inactivated. 
The lysed and stabilized samples can be immediately processed (or after long-term storage) with the MagNA Pure LC Instrument, using the MagNA Pure LC DNA Isolation Kit I. 

To process externally lysed samples with the MagNA Pure LC DNA Isolation Kit I, a new protocol for the MagNA Pure LC Software Version 2.11 (or lower) must be installed. 
The name “DNA I High_Performance_External_lysis” should appear in the protocol selection of the “Sample Ordering” screen of the MagNA Pure LC Software. 
If not previously installed, order the protocol (Cat. No. 03 190 811 001) free of charge. If running software version 3.0 or above, no extra protocol installation is required. For additional details, contact your local Roche representative.