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LightMix Modular Assays

Simple but elegant concept with numerous benefits

Modular in design, the LightMix Modular Assays enable you to create a pathogen detection panel just right for you. Whether it’s a hexaplex or a single assay, the LightMix Modular Assays are changing the paradigm for pathogen detection.

You decide
Select from a wide range of ready-to-use individual assays for pathogen detection – Test only what you want to test.

You create
Design a custom panel for your needs and grow your menu by including new targets – Add rare or emerging pathogens as you find fit.

You expand
Increase throughput and improve workflow efficiency by simultaneously detecting up to 5 targets plus 1 control in a Single Well – Multiplex to your needs.


Effortless integration leading to complete solutions

Developed with clinically relevant targets in mind, the LightMix Modular assays are compatible with Roche Instruments, Master Mixes and Controls to give you a streamlined, efficient workflow.

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LightMix Modular Assays. One standardized protocol to generate results in three easy steps



Pick your targets of interest:

Gastro Panel

Dye/Chanel Bacteria Gastro Viruses Parasites
Cyan 500/500 Yersinia enterocolitica Norovirus GG1 Entamoeba histolytica
FAM/530 Campylobacter Norovirus GG1
Norovirus GG2
R6G/580 Shigellia/EHEC   Dientamoeba fragilis
LC Red 610/610 Salmonella   Cryptosporidium spp.
LC Red 640/640 Aeromonas   Blastocystis


Create your multiplex panel*:

Multiplex PCR and Instrument Compatibility
Color Compensation 40-0320 is mandatory for use in Multiplex PCR.

Gastro Panel - Possible PCR Combinations Gastro Assays

Cyan 500 FAM R&G 580 LC Red 610 LC Red 640 Controls 660  LC 480 II cobas z 480 Channels
- Campylobacter - - -   x x Duplex
- Campylobacter - Salmonella -   x x Triplex
Yersinia Campylobacter Shigellia Salmonella - Control x x 5-plex
Yersinia Campylobacter Shigellia Salmonella Plesiomonas   x   6-plex
Yersinia Campylobacter Shigellia Salmonella Aeromonas   x   6-plex

Information taken from TIB MOLBIOL‘s LightMix Modular Gastro Bacteria Multiplex Testing Instructions For Use**. Please note: This is for illustration purposes only.



Run your experiment*:
Rely on a seamless workflow

  • Standardized qPCR protocols
  • Can be combined with in-house assays
  • Recommended for use with Roche instruments and reagents

*Materials for 96 reactions (lyophilized, target specific primers and probes)
**Please refer to the TIB MOLBIOL package insert for more information.

Or contact your local Roche Representative for more information by clicking here.

LightMix Modular Assays are developed and manufactured by TIB MOLBIOL GmbH, Berlin, Germany and exclusively distributed by Roche

For life research use only unless otherwise noted. Not all products are available in all territories due to different national regulations.
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