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LightMix® Modular Adenovirus F (610) CE-IVD

Kit with reagents for 96 PCR reactions 20 μl for detection of Adenovirus F
TIB MOLBIOL order number: 61-0655-96

For in vitro diagnostic use.


Product No. Pack Size
08489149001 96 reactions

To order these products, please contact your Roche order management team.

Adenoviruses (AdV) have a linear double stranded ~ 40 kb DNA genome, containing 30-40 genes. The virus affects membranes of the respiratory tract, eyes, intestines, and urinary tract. The 51 serotypes of are divided into six groups named from A to F. Gastroenteritis is commonly caused by AdV types 40 or 41 (group F).


1 Vial purple cap 96 reactions Adenovirus F (lyophilized)
1 Vial black cap Positive Control (32,000 copies, lyophilized)

Additional Reagents required

LightCycler® Multiplex RNA Virus Master

A 88 bp (type 41) or 91 bp (type 40) long fragment from the long fiber protein gene is amplified with specific primers and detected with a LC610 labeled hydrolysis probe.

Please refer to the IFU found here.

Sample Material and Extraction
Typical samples are from feces. See ModularDx Document Extraction Protocols.