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Solution-based Isolation Kits and Reagents


Roche provides specialized products for the isolation of nucleic acids from a wide variety of biological sources. The hallmark of these products are highly efficient proprietary methods for cell lysis and nucleic acid isolation which are quicker and safer than standard lysis procedures. All of these products use methods that:

  • Can be completed in minutes or hours, instead of days
  • Can process multiple samples simultaneously
  • Require less handling of potentially hazardous materials
  • Minimize the use of toxic organic solvents
  • They allow the easy purification of nucleic acids including problematic biological specimens like whole blood or tissues with a high content of nucleases.

The DNA Isolation Kit for Mammalian Blood is intended for the isolation of DNA from mammalian whole blood (1 to 10 ml), buffy coat, or lymphocytes. The isolated DNA can be used in any application requiring genomic DNA, including Expand Long Template PCR and genomic Southern hybridizations.

Isolation Principle of the DNA Isolation Kit for Mammalian Blood
Figure 1: Isolation principle.

The DNA Isolation Kit for Cells and Tissues has been designed for the medium and large scale preparation of genomic DNA from a wide variety of biological specimens. The procedure includes sample homogenization followed by cellular lysis in the presence of a strong anionic detergent and Proteinase K. RNA is eliminated by RNase treatment and proteins are removed by selective precipitation and centrifugation. The purified DNA is subsequently recovered by isopropanol precipitation.

The TriPure Isolation Reagent allows the simultaneous isolation of RNA, DNA, and even protein from the same sample in one single step. The reagent causes RNA, DNA, and protein to separate into different organic and aqueous phases, from which each can be purified by a series of alcohol precipitations. The isolated total RNA is suitable for northern blots, RT-PCR, poly(A+) fractionation, in vitro translation, or RNase protection assays. The isolated RNA-free DNA may be used for PCR, restriction digests, or Southern blots. The denatured protein may be analyzed on a western blot.

Isolation Principle of TriPure Isolation Reagent
Figure 2: Isolation principle.

For further information on the product most relevant to your research, please follow the respective link.