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LightCycler® Centrifuge Adapters

Please note the LightCycler® 2.0 Instrument is no longer available for sale as of 18 December 2018. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
11909312001 1 set of 32 adapters

To order these products, please contact your Roche order management team.


32 adapters in an aluminum cooling block.

The LightCycler® Centrifuge Adapters are designed to hold and protect the LightCycler® Capillaries during pipetting and centrifugation, ensuring the entire volume of reaction mix is concentrated into the tip of the capillary. Each adapter has the same outer dimensions as an Eppendorf tube and can be inserted directly into a standard benchtop microcentrifuge. A cooling block holds the adapters in 4 rows with 8 positions each, compatible with standard 8-well multichannel pipettes. Furthermore, the cooling block maintains a low temperature environment during PCR setup, significantly reducing the risk of primer-dimer formation.

Compatibility: The LightCycler® Centrifuge Adapters are compatible with all LightCycler® Capillaries.