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LightCycler® Multiplex Masters
Made to discover more
Discover more from your valuable samples
Increase throughput and cost efficiency of your qPCR

Made to discover more

Bring your qPCR to the next level with the new 5x concentrated multiplex master mixes from Roche. Detect a greater number of targets per reaction, work more efficiently, and maximize your valuable samples.

Developed and optimized for
multiplex qPCR of 5 targets
Detect multiple targets from
your valuable samples without
the need for time-consuming
and costly reaction optimization
5x master mix concentration
Rely on higher sensitivity when
detecting low copy numbers,
with the input of larger sample
volumes into the reaction
Works on DNA or RNA
targets isolated from a
variety of sample materials
Generate consistent and robust
results, no matter what sample type
you are starting from or what target
you are detecting
One-vial (DNA) or two-vial
(RNA) master mix concept
Decrease experiment set-up time
and effort with convenient and
easy-to-use mixes
Validated on LightCycler® Systems
and automated workflows

Maximize the performance of your
LightCycler® System

Minimize handling and pipetting steps while increasing your throughput and efficiency

View the LightCycler®
Multiplex Flipbook
Download the LightCycler®
Multiplex Brochure
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