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LightCycler® 1536 Instrument

Please note that the end of Roche global service and support for the LightCycler® 1536 System is 31 December 2021. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Rapid, high-throughput, plate-based real-time PCR amplification and detection instrument.

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product No. Pack Size
05334276001 1 instrument

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The LightCycler® 1536 Instrument is a rapid, plate-based thermal block cycler with integrated real-time, online detection capabilities. The architecture of this high-throughput platform is built upon the proven LightCycler® 480 Instrument, with its high-performance optical unit and block cycler technologies.

  • Utilize the first plate-based real-time PCR instrument that generates 1,536 data points in a single PCR run in less than 50 minutes.
  • Obtain high-performance data comparable to legacy data until now only generated with 96- and 384-formats, using this low-volume 1536-well format (0.5 to 2.0 µl).
  • Reduce sample input volume, and cut your cost per data point by at least 50%.
  • Obtain fourfold higher throughput per plate and reduce inter-assay errors.
  • Maximize PCR layout flexibility using a customizable plate-based format.
  • Obtain reliable real-time PCR data with the LightCycler® 1536 Software, streamlined for high-throughput needs.
  • Take advantage of a streamlined system designed for automation and high-throughput workflows.
  • Improve data robustness with a built-in error-checking system that detects pipetting errors. 


  • LightCycler® 1536 Real-Time PCR Instrument
  • LightCycler® 1536 Thermal Block Cycler Unit
  • LightCycler® 1536 Software
  • LightCycler® 1536 Instrument Operator’s Guide
  • LightCycler® Xenon Lamp (Spare Lamp)
  • Pentium PC 

Use the LightCycler® 1536 System to perform:

  • High-throughput gene detection
  • High-throughput gene expression
  • Genetic variation analysis

The LightCycler® 1536 System shows outstanding performance in terms of

  • Sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Precision and linear range
  • High-throughput profiling
  • Long-term stability

Click here to learn more about the LightCycler® 1536 System Performance.

The LightCycler® 1536 optical unit facilitates mono- and dual-color assays using a variety of dyes, such as FAM, VIC, and Yellow 555, by supporting formats including Universal ProbeLibrary (UPL) probes, hydrolysis probes, and intercalating dyes (e.g., BrightGreen). The unique thermal block cycler design, in combination with the LightCycler® 1536 Multiwell Plate, enables very high well-to-well homogeneity and inter-assay reproducibility.

The LightCycler® 1536 Software supports the next generation of real-time PCR results (e.g., Cp's, endpoint fluorescence values), providing novel threshold functions for data refinement and powerful tools for data sorting and reviewing. Since this system is designed for automated high-throughput laboratory workflows, the instrument’s software allows easy data management for network and LIMS environments. In combination with Roche RealTime ready reagents, the system also features a new surveillance concept that checks for pipetting errors.

Instrument Specifications

 (without computer)
 57.4 cm x 58.8 cm x 49.7 cm
22.6 in x 23.1 in x 19.6 in
 (W x D x H)
 Weight  55.6 kg (121 lbs)
 Computer  Pentium PC with Windows XP
  Sample Number  1536
  Reaction Vessel  LightCycler® 1536 Multiwell Plate
 Reaction Volume  0.5 – 2.0 µl
 Excitation Source  Xenon lamp
 Filters  Excitation:  465 nm, 533 nm
 Detection:  510 nm, 580 nm
  Detection  Cooled monochrome CCD camera
  Temperature Range  +37 to +95°C
  Heating Rate  4.8°C/sec
  Cooling Rate  2.5°C/sec
 Temperature Control  Peltier-based heating/cooling
 Therma-BaseTM heat spreading technology
  Run Time  <50 minutes
Multiwell Plate Thermaxis® technology (two-component design)
Barcode labeled for automated workflow tracking
Software • User-friendly programming
• Compact overview of basic results (e.g., CPs, slopes, endpoint fluorescence), and surveillance data
• Novel threshold functions for data refinement
• Powerful tools for data sorting and reviewing
• Multiple data input/output formats
• Simple data management for network environments
• Result data accessible via LIMS
• Automation integration module (AIM) for full connectivity to both remotely control the LightCycler® 1536 System and to exchange experiment data with other software.
• Software Development Kit to establish the remote application between the LightCycler® 1536 System and other instrumentation.