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Short Installation Instructions for MagNA Pure Compact System Protocols

1. Open the folder containing the downloaded zip file

2. Double click the zipped folder. The folder opens and shows the enclosed file (when you use an Operating System other than          Windows XP, you might need a third -party zip extractor to unpack the zip folder (e.g.,Winzip)).

3. Double click the enclosed file, the update disk creator starts

4. Insert an empty formatted disk into drive A and click Next

4. Insert an empty formatted disk into drive A and click Next

5. Click I Agree if you agree to the License Agreement. The assistant unpacks the Update Disk to your disk A

6. When the unpacking is finished, the assistant shows the completion screen. You can now remove the disk from the disk drive and update the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument.

As new or updated purification protocols are created, they will be added to the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument software via a floppy disk during the program start. Update disks will automatically be checked for acurracy and for viruses by the instrument software. 

  1. Make sure that the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument is switched off.
  2. Insert the update disk.
  3. Press the Power On button.
  4. Software is automatically updated.
  5. After Main Screen is displayed, remove update disk.
  6. Update complete.
  7. The instrument is ready for use.
  8. Look for the new or updated protocol in the pull-down list of protocols of the Sample Ordering Screen. This is easily achieved by scanning the bar code of the reagent cartridge of the appropriate reagent kit

For details refer to the MagNA Pure Compact Operators Manual.