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Qualitative Detection

For highly specific targets and multiplex qPCR workflows

Qualitative Detection

Confirm the presence of a specific target, with high specificity qualitative detection using products from the Roche workflow. Obtain a “yes/no” answer to the question whether a gene is present in a sample with this type of genetic analysis by qPCR. Detect the presence of a particular target in unknown samples, based on whether the target is amplified or not. Detect and identify various pathogens in one reaction with multiplex qPCR workflows. 

LightCycler® 480 Probes Master

qPCR Reagents

Perform specific qualitative detection with qPCR.

Whether it is for specific gene or pathogen detection, Roche offers a complete line of qPCR reagents optimized for this type of experiments. Rely on master mixes designed for multiplex detection of several targets and maximize your valuable samples.



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LightCycler® 480 Instrument II

qPCR Instruments

Generate results you can trust.

Amplify your success in real-time PCR applications with the LightCycler® Instruments. Choose the system that best suits your needs, with flexible sample volumes and throughputs ranging from 32 to 1,536 samples per run. All of our instruments provide outstanding temperature uniformity and homogeneity, as well as unbiased data capture, enabling you to quickly generate results that are accurate and reproducible.



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LightMix® Modular Pathogen Detection Assays

LightMix Modular Pathogen Detection Assays

Ready to use assays designed for multiplexing.

Choose from an extensive range of assays for pathogen detection. Compatibility with Roche reagents and instruments enables seamless assay integration into your workflow.



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