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FLOW PCR Setup Instrument

For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
07101996001 1 instrument

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The PCR Setup Instrument is a benchtop robotic workstation for automated sample and reagent transfer to the LightCycler® 480 plate. Experience precisely engineered automation with exceptional built-in process safety (including automatic tracking of barcoded samples and consumables and bi-directional LIMS connectivity) and support for a broad variety of sample materials and volumes up to 1.0 ml. The instrument is CE marked (2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC). It is produced by Hamilton under GMP conditions.


  • Reduce hands-on time
  • Automate data transfer
  • Reduce sample tracking error
  • Improve security
  • Increase throughput
  • Access instruments remotely
  • Decrease contamination


The PCR Setup Instrument (Cat. No. 07101996001) is delivered together with these items:

  • PCR Setup Instrument (07101996001) 1 instrument
  • FLOW 32 Vial Carrier (Set of 3) (07127014001) 2 carriers with adaptors
  • Rack-TIP-CAR-480-A00, for 480 tips (04639545001) 2 rack tip carriers
  • Rack-PLT-CAR-L5AC (07102020001) 2 multiwell plate carrier
  • FLOW PCR Setup LC480 Multiwell Plate Cooling Block (96 well) (07102046001) 6 cooling blocks (96 well)
  • FLOW PCR Setup LC480 Multiwell Plate Cooling Block (384 well) (07102054001) 6 cooling blocks (384 well)
  • FLOW PCR Setup Output Plate Cooling Block (07162367001) 2 cooling blocks

The PCR Setup Instrument (PSU) is a pipetting robot for automatic pipetting of reagents and samples necessary for a PCR run. It is capable of generating several master mixes from individual components and transferring them to the LightCycler® 480 plates. Elution products captured in MagNA Pure 96 Processing Cartridges are handled identically.
The PSU workstation is based on precision air-displacement pipetting technology. This increases accuracy and repeatability, while providing a chain of custody through pipette condition monitoring and recording. Eight pipetting channels move independently of each other, supporting short turnaround times. The auto load option provides barcode tracking of samples, consumable, racks, and carriers. All workstation functions are controlled by the Venus and FLOW Software.
Data can be tracked and processed within the application as well as interfaces to internal and external databases, including the FLOW Software and LIMS. The PCR Setup Instrument is intended for general laboratory use. The system was neither developed nor validated by the manufacturer for any kind of in vitro diagnostic application. Any use of the system for in vitro diagnostic tests is the sole responsibility of the operator and must be validated by the operator, following all relevant national regulations.

PSU is a pipetting sample handling instrument based on the Hamilton STARlet

  • For midsize to high throughput labs that conduct LDT
  • Use in conjunction with FLOW