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MagNA Pure Compact Instrument

For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
03731146001 1 instrument

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The MagNA Pure Compact System is the automated benchtop solution for versatile nucleic acid purification. With its small instrument size, extensive integrated features, and a sample throughput of one to eight samples per run, the system meets the demanding nucleic acid isolation needs of research laboratories with low to medium sample throughput.

  • Automate processing of 1 to 8 samples with a smart, small, and simple instrument.
  • Conserve laboratory space by using a compact standalone instrument with a small footprint.
  • Obtain high quality nucleic acids from diverse sample types with proven reagent chemistry (see Figures 1 and 2).
  • Take advantage of onboard protocols for each type of nucleic acid isolation.
  • Choose different sample and elution volumes for a broad range of sample materials (see Figures 3 and 4).
  • Document kit information and track samples using the barcode reader.
  • Save time and minimize contamination risk with prefilled reagents and disposables, synchronized stage movement, an integrated HEPA filter, and UV decontamination.
  • Benefit from our excellent worldwide service and technical support.

The MagNA Pure Compact Instrument is an optimal solution for fast and easy automation of nucleic acid purification from small sample numbers. It performs 1 to 8 nucleic acid purifications from a broad variety of sample materials (e.g., mammalian blood, serum, plasma, or cells) in 20 to 45 minutes (depending on the protocol). The system is highly flexible concerning the sample and elution volumes needed to obtain the necessary nucleic acid concentration for each application. The samples are tracked, and clots, tip-loss, cartridges, and volumes are detected and checked during the processing run. All information is saved for documentation purposes.

The high-quality nucleic acids isolated with the MagNA Pure Compact System are suitable for a broad range of applications in nucleic acid research, including:

  • Gene expression analysis using PCR and RT-PCR on the LightCycler® System (see Figures 5 and 6) or on standard block cyclers.
  • Microarray analysis
  • Sequencing

Integrity of DNA Isolation
Sensitivity of DNA Isolation
Scalability of DNA yield
Block cycler performance of isolated DNA
PCR detection of different human targets
PCR detection of Her2neu sequences 

Figure 1: Integrity of DNA isolated from different volumes of EDTA-stabilized whole mammalian blood.
Lanes 1 - 4: Sample volume 100 µl/elution volume 100 µl
Lanes 5 - 8: Sample volume 200 µl/elution volume 100 µl
Lanes 9 - 12: Sample volume 300 µl/elution volume 100 µl
Lanes 13 - 16: Sample volume 400 µl/elution volume 100 µl
Lanes M: DNA Molecular Weight Marker III

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Figure 2: Sensitivity of DNA Isolation. Citrated plasma was spiked with a dilution series of human Parvovirus B19 in the range of 102 to 107 copies per milliliter of plasma. Nucleic acids were isolated from 200 µl of spiked plasma using the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument and the MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit I. Elution was done in 100 µl, of which 5 µl were used for a LightCycler® PCR. As little as 100 copies/ml (= 1 copy per PCR) are detected, showing excellent sensitivity and linearity. LightCycler® Crossing Point: Crossing Point as determined by LightCycler® System PCR.

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Figure 3: Scalability of DNA yield. Different amounts of K-562 tissue culture cells were used to isolate DNA using the MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit I. In the range from 1 x 105 to 1 x 106 cells, DNA yield (determined by OD measurement) perfectly matches the number of cells that were processed by the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument.

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Figure 4: Block cycler performance of DNA isolated with the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument. Blood samples were subjected to DNA isolation using the MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit I. To demonstrate the robustness of the elution process when choosing different sample and elution volumes, a 1.2 kb collagen fragment was amplified in a block cycler.
Lanes 1 and 2: 100 µl sample volume (SV)/100 µl elution volume
Lanes 3 and 4: 100 µl SV/200 µl elution volume
Lanes 5 and 6: 200 µl SV/200 µl elution volume
Lanes 7 and 8: 400 µl SV/100 µl elution volume
Lanes 9 and 10: 400 µl SV/200 µl elution volume
Lanes M: DNA Molecular Weight Marker XIV

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Figure 5: LightCycler® System PCR detection of different human targets in research samples. DNA eluates from whole blood samples were generated with the MagNA Pure Compact System, split immediately after elution, and stored at different conditions. LightCycler® PCR was performed, using two parameters which detect internal sequences (Factor V and Her2neu) and two parameters which detect spiked sequences using the internal control function of the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument (Epstein-Barr Virus and Parvovirus B19). No significant influence of different storage conditions on amplification performance was observed. LightCycler® Crossing Point: Crossing Point as determined by LightCycler® System PCR.

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Figure 6: LightCycler® System PCR detection of Her2neu sequences in MagNA Pure Compact eluates. DNA was isolated from human whole blood research samples stabilized with different anticoagulants. The endogenous sequence Her2neu was detected by LightCycler® PCR. Additionally, the eluate stability at different conditions was demonstrated. No significant deviation in LightCycler® Crossing points is observed using either anticoagulants or different storage conditions. LightCycler® Crossing Point: Crossing Point as determined by LightCycler® System PCR.

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The MagNA Pure Compact Instrument utilizes a proven magnetic-bead technology for the isolation process. This technology has been successfully used throughout the world to generate research success and numerous publications over the last ten years. The choice of nucleic acid purification protocol depends on the sample type and the specific application. The MagNA Pure Compact Instrument incorporates a variety of experimental protocols using different specimen amounts (100 - 1,000 µl) and elution volumes (50 - 200 µl) from a wide variety of sample materials (blood, blood cells, serum, plasma, tissue, or cultured cells).

Purification Technology

Instrument Specifications

Dimensions 54.0 cm x 61.0 cm x 57.0 cm; 21.3 in x 24.0 in x 22.4 in
(W x D x H)
Weight Approximately 60 kg (132 lbs)
Processing Capability 1 to 8 samples per batch
Processing Time 20 to 45 minutes (protocol dependent)
Sample Volume 100 to 1000 µl
Elution Volume 50 to 200 µl
Power Supply 100-240 V AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz +/- 5%
Computer Integrated processor with touchscreen monitor
Protocols On-board protocols (preinstalled)

Intelligent Features

The MagNA Pure Compact Instrument is designed with a variety of intelligent features to eliminate cross-contamination and to assure maximum safety throughout the purification workflow.

  • Quickly and easily track samples and reagents with the integrated barcode scanner and pre-labeled reagent cartridges and elution tubes.
  • Protect each sample from cross-contamination with the instruments synchronized stage movement, integrated HEPA filter, UV decontamination, and pre-filled and sealed reagents and disposables.
  • Ensure isolation success throughout the purification with the instruments sensor for tip- loss, clot, and cartridge detection.
  • Isolation protocols for blood and plasma automate pipetting of an internal control during the isolation process directly into the lysis buffer, to avoid its degradation by extracellular nucleases present in these specimens.

MagNA Pure Compact Isolation Kits

All isolation kits contain optimized reagents that are prefilled in sealed cartridges, eliminating reagent mix-up or contamination. The supplied Piercing Tool penetrates the cartridge seals during the purification protocol. The Reaction Tips and the Piercing Tool are delivered in Tip Trays that can be easily placed into the instrument. Easy-to-follow software guides the user through the setup of the instrument. This software runs on an integrated personal computer operated by a touchscreen monitor and a barcode reader to facilitate data entry and documentation. The barcode on the Reagent Cartridge contains the information regarding the isolation kit used (e.g., kit name, expiration date). Entering this barcode leads to a preselection of protocols for the corresponding isolation kit and the selected sample and elution volumes. Run documentation can be saved, printed out with an external printer, or routed via host connectivity.

Protocols and Downloads

  • Integrated computer with touchscreen monitor.
  • Easy navigation/guidance throughout setup and run.
  • Select pre-installed protocols by scanning the barcode of the Reagent Cartridge.
  • Time-saving state-of-the-art user management.
  • Simpler data management through host connectivity.

Sample Ordering Screen

Pull-down menus allow you to select the appropriate sample volume, elution volume, and sample material.
Preselect the protocol by scanning the barcode on the kit cartridge.

Process Screen

Track the progress of the run.

Result Screen

Document your results by saving them to a disk or printing them.
Use host connectivity to transfer results to a central data management system.


One of the features in the software includes changing the trajectory of the nozzle head. The screw in the Drop Catcher disturbs these actions. Therefore, remove the screw from the Drop Catcher prior to running the new software, (see figures below).

Drop Catcher Location of Drop Catcher (on magnet)


Click here for an updated version of the MagNA Pure Compact RNA Isolation Kit protocol for the isolation of RNA from 200 µl mammalian blood.

Instructions to unpack and install the protocol file:

Open the folder containing the downloaded zip file.
Double click the zipped folder the folder opens and shows the enclosed file (When you use an Operating System other than Windows XP, you might need a third -party zip extractor to unpack the zip folder (e.g.,Winzip).
Extract file to a folder and copy the content of this folder to an empty USB Stick.

  • Make sure that the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument is switched off.
  • Insert the USB Stick
  • Press the Power On button.
  • Software is automatically updated.
  • After Main Screen is displayed, shut down MagNA Pure Compact Software, remove USB Stick and start MagNA Pure Compact Software again.
  • Update complete.
  • The instrument is ready for use.
  • Look for the new or updated protocol via the "Show All Protocols" Button in the Maintenance menue.

MagNa Pure Compact Isolation Kits

Start your nucleic acid purification with minimum effort and obtain high-quality nucleic acid. The MagNA Pure Compact nucleic acid purification kits contain all the reagents and disposables needed for 32 nucleic acid purification reactions.

Additional Products for the MagNA Pure Compact System

The MagNA Pure Compact Accessories are included with the delivery of the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument. All parts can be delivered separately if required.