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Function-Tested qPCR Single Assays

Select from an extensive list of design- and optimisation-free assays

qPCR Single Assays

Rely on Roche qPCR assay solutions to generate reliable and consistent real-time PCR results. Select from an extensive list of function-tested single assays to skip design and optimization steps. 

RealTime ready Custom Assays

Skip time-consuming assay design and optimization steps with the function-tested RealTime ready qPCR assays for gene expression for human, mouse, rat or other species. Receive ready-to-use probe-based assays, compatible with any real-time PCR instrument.

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Oncology Life Science Research Kits

The Roche Oncology Life Science Research (LSR) kits put our research to work in your lab. These kits deliver more of what you need to make your next discovery – starting with more information along with access to a free, real-time data analysis portal for automated, objective interpretation of results.

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