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    Genomic Workflow Publication Database

    This database compiles publications about Roche Genomic products specific to your research applications. Get inspired by Roche scientists or begin your own search!

    Sima Bahadori

    Senior Scientist, Life Science

    I enjoyed learning about this particular study, and gaining insights to the enormous possibilities to develop and/or utilize Roche Systems and products. Knowing that there is an increasing interest to study the influences of molecular interactions in physiological process responsible for disease phenotype, presents the demand to develop automated systems and assays to be used for effective diagnosis, prevention or treatment. This article is an indication of such ongoing interest and need for development of high-throughput and multiplexed gene profiling assays that can be used to simplify genomic screening in oncology studies. It introduces a novel idea for applications of LightCycler® 1536 and One-Step RT-qPCR, used directly with cell lysate in 1536 format to establish a cost effective and automated workflow.?

    C. Bardelle, L. McWilliams, S. Mounfield, M. Wigglesworth, K. Rich
    Validation of miniaturized one-step reverse transcription qPCR assays for high-throughput screening and comparison to a reporter gene methodology.

    Chis Sigua

    Principal Scientist I, Life Science

    This article illustrates how Roche can provide all the tools a researcher needs for their gene-expression studies. With reagents for sample preparation to real-time PCR products (assays, master mixes and real-time PCR systems), everything a lab requires for their gene-expression studies workflow is readily available. As a scientist in the Life Science group, it is gratifying knowing that products we developed are helping fellow scientists with their research.?

    A. Ptak, E. Kolaczkowska, EL. Gregoraszczuk
    Leptin stimulation of cell cycle and inhibition of apoptosis gene and protein expression in OVCAR-3 ovarian cancer cells

    Kristina Chu

    Senior Scientist, Life Science

    This article emphasizes the importance of the applications and the utility of our LightCycler® 480 instrument. Real-time PCR was crucial in identifying the discrepancy between a gold standard method and a novel method for HER2 testing. The critical findings that were achieved with our instrument highlights the potential clinical consequences of one of the methods. This interesting article gave me more appreciation for the work that I do.?

    E. García-García, C. Gómez-Martín, B. Angulo, E. Conde, A. Suárez-Gauthier, M. Adrados, C.Perna, JL. Rodríguez-Peralto, M, Hidalgo, F. López-Ríos
    Hybridization for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 testing in gastric carcinoma: a comparison of fluorescence in-situ hybridization with a novel fully automated dual-colour silver in-situ hybridization method.