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MagNA Pure LC Total Nucleic Acid Kit - High Performance

Kit for the isolation of total viral nucleic acid from mammalian serum, plasma, and whole blood using the MagNA Pure LC Instruments.
For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
05323738001 288 isolations

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  • Isolate high-quality total nucleic acid for sensitive detection of RNA and DNA viruses.
  • Choose from an extensive selection of protocols that are optimized to deliver either increased sensitivity or speed for the same sample volume.
  • Process a variety of sample volumes.
  • Obtain high sensitivity and reproducibility for quantitative and qualitative PCR.



  • Wash Buffer I
  • Wash Buffer II
  • Wash Buffer III
  • Lysis/Binding Buffer
  • Proteinase K
  • Proteinase K Buffer II
  • Magnetic Glass Particles (MGPs) Suspension
  • Elution buffer


For general laboratory use.
The MagNA Pure LC Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit - High Performance is designed to isolate high-purity total nucleic acid (e.g., viral DNA and RNA) from mammalian serum, plasma, or whole blood using MagNA Pure LC Instruments. The purified nucleic acid can be used directly in PCR on the LightCycler® Carousel-Based Systems, the LightCycler® 480 System, or standard thermal block cyclers.

This improved version of the MagNA Pure LC Total Nucleic Acid Kit provides high-purity total nucleic acid for even higher sensitivity in downstream applications. The optimized kit delivers high-performance purification with results that meet or exceed those of other commercially available kits.

Number of isolations/sample type

  • 288 isolations from 100 μl or 200 μl mammalian whole blood, plasma, or serum.
  • 192 isolations from 500 μl mammalian whole blood, plasma, or serum.

For details and updated information, see - Instructions for Use



The kit is function tested by isolation of total viral nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from human reference material using the Total NA HP 200 purification protocol. The purified total viral nucleic acids are then detected by quantitative, real-time PCR and RT-PCR using virus-specific assays established for the LightCycler® System.
The kit components are tested for the absence of nucleases according to the current quality control procedures.