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qPCR Reagent Selection Guide

Reagent Selection Guide

The easy-to-use Reagent Selection Guide helps ensure you get the right reagent kit for your application.

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Genomic Workflow Publication Database

Genomic Workflow Publication Database

The Genomic Workflow Publication Database is your source for relevant, reliable information specific to your research applications.

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RealTime ready Configurator

RealTime ready Configurator

Use this free web-based tool to quickly search for assays, configure custom panels, and order online.


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Universal ProbeLibrary

Universal ProbeLibrary

Quickly design UPL assays and get access to virtually any sequenced organism with this free proprietary software.


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Online Technical Support

Online Technical Support

Discover the next generation of our Online Technical Support to retrieve all most updated product-related data and documents for your search.


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Online Technical Support

Instructions for Use and MSDS

Use this Search function to obtain your Instructions for Use and MSDS in a fast and easy searchable format.


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Download the Certificates of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis

Find the lot specific Certificates of Analysis for your product.


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