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RealTime ready cDNA Pre-Amp Master

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product No. Pack Size
06720455001 40 reactions

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Keywords: Custom Panels
  • Equal and efficient pre-amplification of cDNA for the selected targets.
  • 4,000-fold linear, target specific pre-amplification of lowest amounts of cDNA
  • Ideally suited for pre-amplification of cDNA derived from RNA isolated from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples.


  • RealTime ready cDNA Pre-Amp Master, 5× concentrated
  • Water, PCR Grade

The RealTime ready cDNA Pre-Amp Master is used for pre-amplification of small quantities of cDNA (1 to 250 ng) when analyzing the gene expression of a large number of targets. This kit is ideal when using limiting amounts of starting material, such as cDNA transcribed from FFPET RNA isolations, microdissections, fine needle aspirates, or rare cells. The RealTime ready cDNA Pre-Amp Master is used in combination with RealTime ready Pre-Amp Primer Pools. The primer pool is customized by configuring a RealTime ready Panel on the online portal of the RealTime ready Configurator.


cDNA is pre-amplified in a multiplex PCR  using custom RealTime ready Pre-Amp Primer Pools corresponding to the primers that you require for RealTime ready assays, previously selected.
The resulting product is a uniform doublestranded pre-amplification of your targets, without the bias that can be produced using whole transcriptome amplification (WTA) technologies. This pre-amplified cDNA is ideal for use with pre-plated, function tested RealTime ready Assays.