LC Carousel Centrifuge 2.0 Rotor Set

For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
03724697001 1 rotor plus 2 buckets

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The LC Carousel Centrifuge 2.0 Rotor Set includes a blue rotor, a blue rotor bucket and a silver rotor bucket. These adapter accessories enable the earlier model LC Carousel Centrifuge to accept all types of sample carousels used with the LightCycler® Carousel-Based Instruments.

The LC Carousel Centrifuge 2.0 Rotor Set is used with the LC Carousel Centrifuge (Cat. No. 03 030 512 001 [115 Volt], and  12 189 682 001 [230 Volt]) to centrifuge the LightCycler® 2.0 Sample Carousel and the LightCycler® Sample Carousel.