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LightCycler® 1536 Software, Version 1.1

Please note that the end of Roche global service and support for the LightCycler® 1536 System is 31 December 2021. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Dedicated software for high-throughput real-time PCR and data management.

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product No. Pack Size
06569382001 1 software package

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LightCycler® 1536 Software generates basic PCR results (e.g., Cp's, endpoint fluorescence values). Easy data refinement uses proprietary threshold functions and tools, such as heat maps for data sorting. With RealTime ready reagents, onboard surveillance identifies pipetting errors. LightCycler® 1536 Software is ideal for automated high-throughput laboratory workflows, supporting data management for the network and LIMS.

  • Improve efficiency using software for automated high throughput research.
  • Run and analyze 1,536 PCRs using data screening for fast result tracking.
  • Benefit from threshold features that customize data analysis.
  • Improve error tracking using LightCycler® 1536 Software surveillance.
  • Minimize hands-on time by using completely automated workflows. 


  • LightCycler® 1536 Software 1.1, including Automation Integration Module
  • LightCycler® 1536 Instrument Operator's Guide
  • Programmer's Guide
  • Software Development Kit 

LightCycler® 1536 Software, Version 1.1 enables programming, running, and analyzing real-time PCR experiments using the LightCycler® 1536 Instrument. It also has an automation integration module for easy integration into virtually all automation settings.


  • LightCycler ® 1536 Software 1.1, including Automation Integration Module
  • LightCycler ® 1536 Instrument Operator’s Guide
  • Programmer’s Guide
  • Software Development Kit