LightCycler® Fluorescein CPG

3' Dye when labeling HybProbe probes for single and multicolor detection on all LightCycler® 480 and LightCycler® Carousel-Based System Instruments.

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product No. Pack Size
03138178001 1 g

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Fluorescein long chain alkylamino Controlled Pore Glass (lcaa CPG, 500 Å) for labeling the 3' terminus of oligonucleotides.


white solid 

LightCycler® Fluorescein CPG labels the 3' end of an oligonucleotide that is combined with a 5' LightCycler® Red-laeled oligonucleotide when using HybProbe probes for detection. This support can be used in the same manner as standard nucleoside supports since it contains a dimethobxytrityl group.

The LightCycler® Fluorescein CPG is derived from a pure dye isomer, and is attached via a linkage that is stable during oligonucleotide synthesis. Therefore, HPLC purification is simple and results in a well-defined product. HybProbe probes synthesized using the LightCycler® Fluorescein CPG are blocked at the 3' terminus, which prevents them from Taq DNA polymerase extension and exonuclease digestion. Thus, the resulting oligonucleotide is perfectly suited for mono- and dual-color experiments using the LightCycler® Carousel-Based System Instruments.

Spectral characteristics for an oligonucleotide labeled with LightCycler® Fluorescein:
Excitation maximum: 494 nm
Emission maximum: 519 nm (both measured in 2 mM Tris buffer, pH 8.3).