LightMix® Modular EAV RNA Extraction Control (580)

Kit with reagents for 96 PCR reactions 20 μl for detection of EAV RNA [lyophilized]
TIB MOLBIOL order number: 58-0909-96

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. For in vitro use only.

Product No. Pack Size
07654243001 96 reactions

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PCR analysis of biological samples may occasionally result difficult due to problems related to the extraction process. In particular, false negative results in pathogen testing can be due to the presence of inhibitors, degraded target material or an unsuccessful extraction of nucleic acids. The presence of amplifiable nucleic acids can be verified by running an extraction control PCR.

This product is intended to be used with Equine Arteritis Virus RNA as the extraction control target. The provided Extraction Control Target is in-vitro transcribed RNA and not viral RNA or virus.


1 Vial yellow cap 96 reactions EAV (lyophilized)
1 Vial black cap containing the Extraction Control Target RNA

Additional Reagents required
LightCycler® Multiplex RNA Virus Master

A 77 bp long fragment from the Equine Arteritis Virus genome is amplified with specific primers and detected with a R6G labeled hydrolysis probe.
The Extraction Control Target (ECT) RNA is not encapsulated nor protected and might be degraded rapidly after it is added to biological samples; reduce the time until extraction to a minimum OR add the target RNA to the lysis buffer.

These reagents detect 10 copies of the target. Typical amount uses as extraction control is 500 - 5,000 copies.

Sample Material and Extraction
Depends on the analytical PCR. See ModularDx Document Extraction Protocols.