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LightMix® Modular Influenza A (530) CE-IVD

Kit with reagents for 96 PCR reactions 20 μl for detection of Inf A RNA [lyophilized]
TIB MOLBIOL order number: 53-0101-96

For in vitro diagnostic use.

Product No. Pack Size
07792182001 96 reactions

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Influenza A is a negative strand ssRNA Orthomyxo Virus. Infection affects the upper respiratory tract, causing a wide spectrum of symptoms with cough, high fever, and pneumonia, and can be fatal. RT-PCR based detection of Influenza A is based on the conserved matrix protein gene (MP). There are many subtypes of the virus, specified by their Hemagglutinin (H or HA) and Neuraminidase (N or NA) genes.


1 Vial yellow cap 96 reactions InfA (lyophilized)
   99.8% oligonucleotides (<0.01pg)
   0.1% CAS 77-86-1 Tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane
   0.1% CAS 60-00-4 Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA)
1 Vial black cap Positive Control, Cp-value ~ 30

Additional Reagents Required

LightCycler® Multiplex RNA Virus Master

For use with Roche '480' instruments. Refer to 'Instructions For Use Respiratory Virus Panel I'

Sample Material
Typical clinical samples are extracted from nasopharyngeal swabs, throat swabs, tracheal aspirates, sputum, bronchial wash, or bronchoalveolar lavage.

Target Information and Specification
Two 99 and 141 bp long fragments from the viral matrix protein gene are amplified with specific primers (dual target) and detected with a FAM labeled hydrolysis probe (530 channel).
This assay is developed for use in multiplex PCR and can be run with a control reaction alone or combined with other kits as specified in the Instructions For Use Respiratory Virus Panel I.