MagNA Pure Compact RNA Isolation Kit

Ready-to-use handsfree reagents in prefilled, sealed cartridges for purifying total RNA from mammalian tissue, blood cells, and whole blood in a final volume of up to 200 µL with the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument.
For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
04802993001 32 isolations

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  • Rapidly and reliably purify high-quality RNA with the MagNA Pure Compact System.
  • Isolate total RNA from a large variety of sample materials.
  • Obtain reproducible yields of high-quality RNA for use in microarray and quantitative RT-PCR gene expression analysis. 


  • Reagent Cartridges, sealed, 32 pieces
  • Tip Trays (32 trays) with Reaction Tips and Piercing Tool
  • DNase Solution, 1 vial
  • Lysis Buffer (1 bottle, 35 ml) 
  • MagNA Pure Tubes, 2.0 mL (3 x 35 barcoded tubes)
  • MagNA Pure Tube Caps (35 tube caps)

For general laboratory use. 
The MagNA Pure Compact RNA Isolation Kit is designed to isolate high-purity total RNA from flash-frozen mammalian tissue samples, cultured cells, whole blood, or blood cells using the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument. Unfrozen tissue stabilized by specific reagents (e.g., RNAlater) can also be used. The purified RNA can be used directly in RT-PCR on the LightCycler®Carousel-Based Systems, the LightCycler® 480 System, or standard thermal block cyclers, or other typical downstream applications in gene expression analysis. The purified RNA is also an ideal starting material for array experiments.

Note: For isolation of viral RNA from mammalian serum or plasma, use the MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Isolation Kit I or the MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Isolation Kit I - Large Volume.

Number of isolations/sample type:
32 isolations (4 × 8) from

  • 2.5 to 10 mg of mammalian tissue
  • 1 x 103  to 1 × 106 mammalian blood cells (white blood cells [WBCs]) or cultured cells
  • 50 to 200 μl mammalian whole blood

For details, see - Instructions for Use

Note: To isolate RNA using the MagNA Pure Compact RNA Isolation Kit and the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument, new protocols must be installed. The new protocols can be downloaded.



The RNA isolation procedure is based on the proven MagNA Pure Magnetic Glass Particle Technology.

The principle steps of a MagNA Pure Compact total RNA isolation procedure are:

  • Tissue samples are disrupted and homogenized or cultured cells or WBCs are pre-lysed outside the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument (e.g., using the MagNA Lyser Instrument) applying the special Lysis Buffer containing a chaotropic salt.
  • Sample homogenate or whole blood is lysed by incubation with the Lysis/Binding Buffer containing a chaotropic salt and Proteinase K, which destroys remaining proteins including nucleases.
  • Magnetic Glass Particles (MGPs) are added and nucleic acids are immobilized on the MGPs surfaces.
  • Genomic DNA is degraded by incubation with DNase. This substantially reduces the DNA content of the sample.
  • Unbound substances (e.g., protein, cell debris, PCR inhibitors etc) are removed by several washing steps.
  • Purified total RNA is eluted from the MGPs.