MagNA Pure Sealing Foil

Note: MagNA Pure 96 Sealing Foil has been renamed to MagNA Pure Sealing Foil. 
For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
06241638001 100 foils

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Reagent containers, consumable containers and disposables are made from material inert to chemical leaching, at either low or elevated temperatures, that could interfere with downstream applications.

  • Resealing of reagent trays
    Sealing foil is used for all reagent trays to conveniently and securely seal them for later use. There is no need to remove the sealing foil prior to next use. The reagent head of the MagNA Pure 24 or MagNA Pure 96 Instrument will pierce them to remove reagent, thus minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Sealing of output plates or processing cartridges
    Sealing foil is also used to conveniently and securely seal the MagNA Pure 96 output plate, the MagNA Pure 96 processing cartridge, or the MagNA Pure 24 processing cartridge. In contrast to the sealing foil on reagent trays, the sealing foil is piercable by manual standard pipettes, but not by the processing head of the MagNA Pure 96 Instrument or the MagNA Pure 24 Instrument.