RealTime ready Custom Single Assays

Function tested RT-qPCR Assays for human, mouse and rat genes of your choice.

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product No. Pack Size
05532957001 300 x 20 µL reactions (catalog)
Product No. Pack Size
05583055001 300 x 20 µL reactions (designer)

To order these products, please contact your Roche order management team.

RealTime ready Custom Single Assays contain target specific primers and a Universal ProbeLibrary probe. All assays are function-tested with a species-specific universal cDNA in a standard PCR reaction on the LightCycler® 480 Instrument. Stringent criteria for PCR efficiency, sensitivity and specificity ensure a highly reliable performance under custom conditions. You can search and select assays for your target of choice on the Configurator, a free, web-based portal and order the selected assays online on the Roche e-shop.
Comprehensive search functionalities enable you to select the right assays for your research. Catalog Assays are assays that are already desinged and function tested. In case, no Catalog Assay is available for your target of choice, we will design and test a Desinger Assay for you. Please note: once the Designer Assays is delivered, it will automatically turn into a Catalog Assay for any other custom order and will be available for selection on the Configurator. We therefore recommend to use the Configurator for assay selection and (re-) ordering, because there the correct Cat. No. and description is automatically provided for your selection.


  • Rely on function tested RT-qPCR assays based on proven Universal ProbeLibrary LNA probes.
  • Conveniently search, choose, and order RT-qPCR assays on our easy-to-use web-based configuration portal.
  • Benefit from detailed descriptions and bioinformatic background information for every assay.

Use the RealTime ready Custom Single Assays to quantitatively measure gene expression of human, mouse, or rat genes of your choice on real-time PCR Systems.