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Publications (292)

CCL2 expression is mediated by type I IFN receptor and recruits NK and T cells to the lung during MVA infection 


G. Sutter , L.E. Torres-Domínguez , C.J. Kirschning , M.H. Lehmann , C. Brandmüller , P.J.R. Price

J Leukoc Biol, 99, 6, 1057-1064

Modulating the expression of genes associated with hepatic lipid metabolism, lipoperoxidation and inflammation by cocoa, cocoa extract and cocoa flavanols related to hepatic steatosis induced by a hypercaloric diet 

Keywords: Hydrolysis probe

G.M. Rabadán-Chávez , G. Escalona Cardoso , L. Quevedo-Corona , M.E. Jaramillo-Flores , N. Paniagua Castro , E. Reyes-Maldonado , A. Miliar Garcia

Food Research International, 9

Relation of FTO gene variants to fetal growth trajectories: Findings from the Southampton Women's survey 


H.M. Inskip , S.R. Crozier , M. Mosquera , S.J. Barton , A.S. Fuller , K.M. Godfrey , R.M. Lewis , J.K. Cleal , C. Cooper , J.W. Holloway

Placenta, 38, 100-106

Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 Regulates the Expression of ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter A1 in Pancreatic Beta Cells 


H. Iwama , K. Murao , H. Imachi , J. Lyu , H. Zhang

Horm Metab Res., 48, 05, 338-344

Combination therapy including CpG oligodeoxynucleotides and entecavir induces early viral response and enhanced inhibition of viral replication in a woodchuck model of chronic hepadnaviral infection 

Keywords: LightCycler® DNA Master SYBR Green Kit

H.L. Davis , R. Pei , D. Glebe , X. Zhang , T. Kemper , Z. Meng , M. Lu , E. Zhang , W. Gerlich , J. Vollmer , M. Roggendorf

Antiviral Research, 125, 14-24

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