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Publications (291)

Association Study of rs3184504 C>T Polymorphism in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease


Keywords: LightCycler96 ,Genotyping ,Hydrolysis probes

Afjeh S.S. Aghabozorg , S.M.H Ghaderian , R. Mirfakhraie , M. Piryaei ,H. Zaim Kohan

I. Jour. of Mol. and Cell. Medicine,3,3, 157-165.

Exquisite allele discrimination by toehold hairpin primers 

Keywords: LightCycler96 ,Genotyping

M. Byrom , S.Bhadra ,Y.S. Jiang , A.D. Ellington

Nucleic Acids Research 42,15, e120

Leptin stimulation of cell cycle and inhibition of apoptosis gene and protein expression in OVCAR-3 ovarian cancer cells 

Keywords: LightCycler480 ,Gene Expression ,Cancer Research ,HighPure RNA Isolation Kit ,RealTime ready ,Transcriptor First Strand cDNA synthesis kit

A. Ptak , E. Kolaczkowska ,E.L. Gregoraszczuk.

Endocrine, 43,2,394-403

PRAME expression in head and neck cancer correlates with markers of poor prognosis and might help in selecting candidates for retinoid chemoprevention in pre-malignant lesions 

Keywords: LightCycler480 ,Gene Expression ,Cancer Research ,SYBR Green

M.J. Szczepanski , A.B. DeLeo , M ?uczak , M. Molinska-Glura , J. Misiak , B. Szarzynska , G. Dworacki , M. Zagor , N. Rozwadowska , M. Kurpisz , A. Krzeski , A. Kruk-Zagajewska , T. Kopec , J. Banaszewski , T.L. Whiteside

Oral Oncology, 49, 2, 144-151

Polymorphisms in base excision DNA repair genes and association with melanoma risk in a pilot study on Central-South Italian population 

Keywords: LightCycler480 ,Genotyping ,HRM ,Cancer Research

C. Santonocito , M. Scapaticci , R. Penitente , A. Paradisi , R. Capizzi , S. Lanza-Silveri , S. Ficarra , F. Landi , C. Zuppi , E. Capoluongo

Clin Chim Acta, 413, 19-20, 1519-1524

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