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Publications (23)

Real-time immuno-PCR for ultrasensitive detection of pyrene and other homologous PAHs 

Keywords: FastStart universal SYBR Green Master

X.Y. Meng , Y.S. Li , Y. Zhou , Y.Y. Zhang , B. Qiao , Y. Sun , L. Yang , P. Hu , S.Y. Lu , H.L. Ren , J.H. Zhang , X.R. Wang , Z.S. Liu

70:42-7. doi: 10.1016/j.bios.2015.03.019

MicroRNA-503 targets FGF2 and VEGFA and inhibits tumor angiogenesis and growth 

Keywords: FastStart Universal SYBR Green Master

B. Zhou , R. Ma , W. Si , S. Li , Y. Xu , X. Tu and Q. Wang

Cancer Letters, 333, 2, 159-169

Evaluation and utilization of preassembled frozen commercial fast real-time qPCR master mixes for detection of cytomegalovirus and BK virus 

Keywords: Pathogen Identification ,FastStart Universal Probe Master Mix

E.E. Atienza , W.J. Kim , K.R. Jerome , L. Cook , J. Castor , W.A. Glover , S. Nesbitt

J. Med. Virol., 88, 1, 115-119

MicroRNA-101 Regulates Amyloid Precursor Protein Expression in Hippocampal Neurons 

Keywords: FastStart Universal Probe Master ,Universal Probe Library

E. Vilardo , C. Barbato , M. Ciotti , C. Cogoni and F. Ruberti

J Biol Chem, 285, 24, 18344-18351

Interaction of nucleolin with ribosomal RNA genes and its role in RNA polymerase I transcription 

Keywords: RNase-free DNase I ,FastStart Universal SYBR Green Master

R. Cong; S. Das; I. Ugrinova; S. Kumar; F. Mongelard; J. Wong and P. Bouvet

Nucl Acids Res, 40, 19, 9441 - 9454

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