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MagNA Pure Compact Instrument

For general laboratory use.

MagNA Pure LC 2.0 Instrument

For general laboratory use.

MagNA Pure 96 Instrument

High-throughput robotic workstation for fully automated purification of nucleic acids from up to 96 samples.

For in vitro diagnostic use.

MagNA Pure 24 Instrument

A fully-automated clinical nucleic acid extraction system that brings you walkaway automation for up to 24 samples.

For in vitro diagnostic use.

MagNA Lyser Instrument

Conforms to the European directive for in vitro diagnostic medical devices 98/79/EC. For USA: For general laboratory use.

Publications (132)

Use of the Roche LightCycler Strep B Assay for Detection of Group B Streptococcus from Vaginal and Rectal Swabs 

Keywords: MagNA Pure Compact ,MagNA Pure LC ,MagNA Lyser

J. Uhl , E. Vetter. K. Boldt , B. Johnston , K. Ramin , M. Adams , P. Ferrieri , U. Reischl and F. Cockerill , III.

J Clin Microbiol, 43, 8, 4046 - 4051

Comparison of Automated MagNA Pure 96 and Manual PAXgene RNA Isolation from Stabilized Peripheral Blood Samples


Keywords: MagNA Pure 96

O. Galamb , K. Leiszter , B. Wichmann , S. Spisak , A. Kalmar , K. Toth , B. Molnar

Application Note 2

Automated Extraction of Genomic DNA from Medically Important Yeast Species and Filamentous Fungi by Using the MagNA Pure LC System 

Keywords: MagNA Pure LC ,MagNA Pure LC Total Nucleic Acid Isolation kit

J. Loeffler , K. Schmidt , H. Hebart , U. Schumacher

J Clin Microbiol, 40, 6, 2240 - 2243

Screening of Beer-Spoilage Bacteria Using the LightCycler PCR Workflow System 

Keywords: MagNA Pure LC ,MagNA Pure DNA Isolation Kit III ,LightCycler Carousel

F-J. Methner , E. Schuster and A. Schackmann

Biochemica, 1, 9-11

MagNA Pure 96 Cellular RNA Kits: RNA Isolation on the Fast Lane


Keywords: MagNA Pure 96

T. Walter , M. Auer , C. Stadler , U. Haberhausen , W. Malmberg , A. Benischko-Geiger , B. Streifinger , M. Victor , R. Steiner , C. Kappelsberger and P. Wenzig

Bichemica, 1, 19 - 21

Documents (75)

Comparison of Automated MagNA Pure 96 and Manual PAXgene RNA Isolation from Stabilized Peripheral Blood Samples

Experiments in this paper investigate the quality and capacity of RNA isolation from PAXgene tubes on the MagNA Pure 96 System compared to conventional manual extraction methods. Researchers used a modified RNA isolation protocol (described in the MagNA Pure 96 Cellular RNA Large Volume Kit product insert) that extracts up to 48 stabilized blood samples (or 96 aliquots) simultaneously. Attributes such as purity, recovery, RNA integrity (RIN) and sensitivity in downstream RT-PCR applications were compared and analyzed. The goal for these studies is to develop an optimized and more efficient workflow for the detection of CRC biomarkers in peripheral blood samples.

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Two New Protocols for the MagNA Pure Compact System: DNA_Blood_external_lysis and Total_NA_external_lysis

In this Application we compare nucleic acids prepared with two new isolation protocols for the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument to nucleic acids prepared with two existing MagNA Pure Compact Protocols.

(["Article"], PDF, 117 KB) Download

Utility of the MagNA Pure 96 and LightCycler® 480 Systems for Testing of Stool Samples for Toxin-producing C. Difficile

Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) is an important cause of hospital diarrhea. Conventional CDI testing by enzyme immunoassays is fast yet shows poor sensitivity and specificity, whereas the "gold standard" toxigenic culture is laborious and time consuming. Molecular tests for CDI are fast and highly sensitive and specific. Our laboratory has developed a molecular procedure that allows for rapid detection of CDI directly in stool samples. It is based on the isolation of highly pure DNA extracts from feces using the MagNA Pure 96 System, followed by detection of the C. difficile toxins tcdA and tcdB using real-time PCR on the LightCycler®480 Instrument.

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Detection of bacterial, fungal and viral NA in routine microbiological sample types on the MagNA Pure 96 System

The objective of this study was to compare the MagNA Pure 96 Pathogen Universal protocol to the MagNA Pure LC DNA Isolation Kit III that is well established in our microbiological laboratory. For this we isolated nucleic acids from ten different sample materials: body fluids (CSF, urine, sputum), feces, swabs, as well as whole blood, EDTA-, Citrate-plasma and serum. This spectrum is typical for a microbiology laboratory and includes easy and difficult-to-process samples, as sputum and stool are. Into these sample types we spiked classifi ed pathogen stocks from in-house cultures. Subsequently real-time PCR analysis of fungal, bacterial and viral targets was done using the LightCycler® 480 Instrument.

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Gene Expression

The MagNA Pure Compact System has proven to be a useful and versatile tool for efficient, automated isolation of bacterial DNA from various sample types.

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Roche Life Science | MagNA Pure 24 System

The new MagNA Pure 24 System offers automated extraction of 1 to 24 samples with primary sample handling in just over an hour, using a single universal reagent kit covering 10 human samples types.

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