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The FLOW Solution

The future of laboratory developed testing


FLOW Solution

FLOW Solution

The FLOW Solution is specifically designed for laboratory developed testing in qPCR. It offers workflow standardization and data automation for laboratories performing in-house or laboratory developed tests (LDT) with a high number of samples and a high variety of targets.
It is a flexible and versatile solution designed for the complexity of a broad molecular test menu and large diversity in sample types. It provides full traceability of data and direct communication to the LIS. The FLOW System’s intelligent data management software seamlessly connects all steps, from primary sample to qPCR result, bringing a new standard of result safety.
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The FLOW Solution is a non-IVD system consisting of 5 components.

FLOW Overview

  1. Primary Sample Handling Instrument
  2. MagNA Pure 96 Instrument
  3. PCR Set Up Instrument
  4. Roche qPCR Instrument
  5. FLOW Software

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Primary Sample Handling Instrument

This GMP manufactured liquid handler by Hamilton works for a variety of different sample types and flexibly accepts primary and secondary sample tubes. It prepares samples for nucleic acid purification and pipets directly into MagNA Pure 96 Processing Cartridge.
> Primary Sample Handling System

MagNA Pure 96 Instrument

This GMP manufactured, CE-IVD registered solution offers high speed nucleic acid isolation for up to 96 samples in less than 1 hour using barcoded, prefilled trays with ready-to-use reagents.
> MagNA Pure 96 Instrument
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FLOW PCR Set Up Instrument

The second liquid handler is also GMP manufactured by Hamilton. It prepares 96- and 384-well qPCR plates in data driven mode and cares for automated master mix creation.
> FLOW PCR Set Up Instrument

Roche qPCR Instrument

Our world-class qPCR instruments stands for accuracy, speed and sensitivity. Multiple instruments can be added to one FLOW Solution.


FLOW Software

The FLOW Software communicates with the customer’s laboratory information system (LIS), receiving sample and associated analysis request information to generate work lists.
> FLOW Software

The FLOW Solution is not available in all territories due to different national regulations. The information is not intended for use in the USA.
For general laboratory use.
LIGHTCYCLER and MAGNA PURE are trademarks of Roche. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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