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Cell Isolation & Tissue Dissociation


Application Note
Use of Liberase TM in stem cell isolation
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Tissue dissociation and cell isolation are key proteolytic enzyme applications in cell biology. Proteases are required for the disruption of the extracellular matrix to release individual cells from tissues for primary cell culture, or to harvest cultured cells for transfer to a new substrate (secondary culture).
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Tissue Dissociation Selection Guide
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Generally, methods for preparing cell suspensions are classified into three categories:
  • Mechanically by mincing, sieving, or scratching off
  • Chemically in the absence of divalent cations
  • Enzymatically by digesting with collagenase, Dispase®, trypsin, papain, elastase, pronase, hyaluronidase, or with selected combinations of these enzymes
  Many tissue dissociation and cell isolation protocols use a combination of the above categories. The choice of procedure will depend on personal experience, methods described in the literature, nature and amount of available tissue, as well as the intended use of the dissociated cells (for a review, see MM Bashor, 1979; JW Pollard and JM Walker, 1984; RI Freshney, 1994; C Ricordi, 1995; MWC Hatton et al., 1983).

Tissue Dissociation Overview

Contains Neutral Protease Thermolysin Contains Neutral Protease Dispase Mammalian Tissue Free Enzymatic Agressiveness
Liberase DL Research Grade pure  -  yes  -   + 
Liberase DH Research Grade pure  -  yes  -   +++ 
Liberase TL Research Grade pure yes  -  yes  ++ 
Liberase TM Research Grade pure yes  -  yes  ++++ 
Liberase TH Research Grade pure yes  -  yes  +++++ 
Liberase Research Grade Selection Kit pure yes yes  -  variable
Collagenase A crude  -   -   -   + 
Collagenase B crude  -   -   -   + 
Collagenase D crude  -   -   -   + 
Collagenase H crude  -   -   -   + 
Collagenase P crude  -   -   -   + 
Dispase® I pure  -  yes  -  depending on concentration
Dispase® II crude  -  yes  -  depending on concentration
Liberase MTF C/T (2:3), GMP Grade pure yes  -  yes  ++ 
Liberase MNP-S GMP Grade pure yes - yes ++++


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