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Universal ProbeLibrary

Based on only 165 short hydrolysis probes substituted with Locked Nucleic Acids, Universal ProbeLibrary (UPL) allows you to design real-time qPCR assays in seconds and analyze over five million transcripts of virtually any sequenced organism. The easy-to-use ProbeFinder Assay Design Software displays the target-specific primer sequences (ready for ordering at your preferred oligo supplier) and the matching Universal ProbeLibrary probe.


Universal ProbeLibrary assays are compatible with all real-time PCR instruments capable of detecting fluorescein, FITC, FAM, and/or SYBR Green I, and follow standard cycling protocols for hydrolysis probe assays.

Learn more about the Universal ProbeLibrary Technology.

Universal ProbeLibrary Set, Human with Probes #1 to #90
   for human RT-qPCR assays

Universal ProbeLibrary Extension Set, Probes #91 - #165
   for use in combination with Universal ProbeLibrary Set, Human for all other organisms

Universal ProbeLibrary Single Probes #1 to #165


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