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MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit I

Ready-to-use hands-free reagents in prefilled, sealed cartridges for purifying DNA from mammalian cells and total viral nucleic acids in a final volume of up to 400 µl with the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument.

For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size List Price Quantity
1 kit for up to 32 isolations $ 260.00
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  • Isolate genomic DNA from mammalian whole blood, blood cells, buffy coat, or cultured cells.
  • Isolate viral nucleic acids from serum or plasma.
  • Isolate bacterial DNA from different sample types.
  • Use for sample volumes of 100 to 400 µl.


  1. Reagent Cartridges, 32 sealed cartridges
  2. Tip Tray, 32 disposable Tip Trays
  3. MagNA Pure Tubes, 2.0 mL
  4. MagNA Pure Elution Tube Caps

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