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MagNA Pure Compact RNA Isolation Kit

Ready-to-use handsfree reagents in prefilled, sealed cartridges for purifying total RNA from mammalian tissue, blood cells, and whole blood in a final volume of up to 200 µl with the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument.

For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size List Price Quantity
1 kit for up to 32 isolations $408.00
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  • Rapidly and reliably purify high-quality RNA with the MagNA Pure Compact System.
  • Isolate total RNA from a large variety of sample materials.
  • Obtain reproducible yields of high-quality RNA for use in microarray and quantitative RT-PCR gene expression analysis. 


  1. Reagent Cartridges, sealed, 32 pieces
  2. Tip Trays (32 trays) with Reaction Tips and Piercing Tool
  3. Sample Tubes, 2 x 35 (2.0 ml)
  4. Elution Tubes, 35 (2.0 ml), bar-coded
  5. Tube Caps, 35 caps
  6. DNase Solution, 1 vial
  7. Lysis Buffer (1 bottle, 35 ml) 

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