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Manual Nucleic Acid Isolation & Purification

Purification or isolation of nucleic acids is the first step in most molecular biology studies and all recombinant DNA techniques.

High Pure Nucleic Acid Isolation

Start your experiments right - generate high-quality nucleic acids with Roche isolation and purification kits. Roche offers a wide array of products for DNA or RNA preparations,  from amultitude of sample material (see Selection Table). Use the Application Guide to choose the right kit for your downstream applications.

  • Process more samples in less time.
  • Minimize nucleic acid loss and degradation.
  • Increase laboratory efficiency and safety.
  • Avoid organic solvents and toxic reagents.
  • Isolate nucleic acids from different sample materials.
  • Purify nucleic acids of highest integrity, suitable for demanding down-stream applications.


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