Gene Expression

Perform complete gene expression workflows with greater ease, speed and productivity. Get reagents, instruments, and consumables from Roche. Benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of technologies, from nucleic acid purification to  real-time PCR. Discover how we can help make your research decisions and laboratory processes easier, faster, and more productive.

MagNA Pure Instrument RNA Isolation Plates
RNA Isolation

Isolate concentrated, purified RNA to drive your gene expression breakthroughs

High-quality RNA is necessary for high-resolution fluorescence signals and to avoid RT-PCR side products after cDNA synthesis or real-time RT-PCR. Roche kits and automation systems provide a complete array of options to isolate contamination-free RNA from a multitude of sample types and at any scale. Choose the High Pure kits for manual RNA isolation, or learn more about the proven MagNA Pure Instruments, which provide hands-free sample preparation and nucleic acid purification. 

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cDNA Synthesis
cDNA Synthesis

Accurate Expression Levels, Unbiased Reverse Transcription

Rely on our new EvoScript Universal cDNA Master and EvoScript Reverse Transcriptase to redefine performance and sensitivity in reverse transcription applications.

Use Evoscript Reverse Transcriptase for highly sensitive and convenient cDNA synthesis in two-step RT-qPCR or EvoScript Universal cDNA Master including random primer and oligo(dT)18 primer in the Reaction Buffer enabling high cDNA yields from all regions of the RNA template.  The 2-vial composition is ideally suited for reverse transcription, requiring only the addition of gene-specific primers and target RNA. Or, choose the proven and reliable Transcriptor cDNA kits, or the Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase.

LightCycler® Instruments

Generate accurate and consistent real-time PCR results, whatever your instrument

Benefit from Roche experience in qPCR, and achieve precise, consistent results from a full range of instruments, services, and kits to fit any bench or budget.

The LightCycler® series of real-time PCR instruments spans more than a decade of reliability, innovation, and performance. Further enhance the speed and efficiency of your LightCycler® Instrument with LightCycler® reagents, developed and optimized for your isntrument. versatile online configuration, customization, and ordering of RT-qPCR probes, assays, and panels. When using LightCycler® 480, LightCycler® 96 instrument or qPCR instruments from other manufacturers, rely on one-step EvoScript RNA Masters — next generation of reverse transcription technology from Roche. They deliver superior RT-qPCR sensitivity, specificity and performance for gene expression and pathogen detection applications — even when evidence is scarce*.

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*Based on the results of head-to-head tests of the LightCycler® EvoScript RNA SYBR® Green I Master versus the SuperScript® III Platinum® SYBR® Green One-Step qRT-PCR Kit and the LightCycler® EvoScript RNA Probes Master versus SuperScript® III Platinum® One-Step qRT-PCR Kit. Tests were run with various sample materials using the optimal conditions specified in the instructions for use for all products.


Products are for Life Science Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures, unless otherwise indicated.