Reverse Transcription

Roche offers a comprehensive selection of reverse transcription products, from single enzymes to complete cDNA synthesis kits and universal masters. As a critical part of any gene expression experiment, reverse transcription plays a crucial role in ensuring that an accurate representation of the pool of RNAs is present for further genomic analysis.

Rely on the proven Roche Reverse Transcription solutions to support your gene expression workflows.

Robust and Flexible Reverse Transcription

Choosing the correct enzyme and reaction set-up for reverse transcription and cDNA synthesis is critical for obtaining high yields of quality full-length cDNA with full gene representation. Roche offers a comprehensive selection of reverse transcription from the Transcriptor product family.

  • Benefit from enzymes with consistent performance across a broad dynamic range.
  • Increase temperature to transcribe RNA with secondary structures.
  • Use proofreading activity for demanding applications.
  • Reduce pipetting steps by using a convenient cDNA master.

Products are for Life Science Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures, unless otherwise indicated.