LightCycler® Multiplex RNA Virus Master

One-step RT-qPCR Master Mix for sensitive and reliable multiplex detection of viral RNA targets and internal controls.

For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
06754155001 200 x 20 µL reactions
Product No. Pack Size
07083173001 1000 x 20 µL reactions

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The combination of a unique reverse transcriptase enzyme solution and the aptamer-mediated hot start AptaTaq Fast DNA Polymerase, guarantees fast and highly specific one-step RT-qPCR of viral RNA targets isolated from a variety of human sample materials.

  • Unique recombinant reverse transcriptase for efficient and robust reverse transcription of RNA isolated from a wide range of materials, including difficult sample materials (e.g., blood, plasma, serum, and stool).
  • Highly sensitive reverse transcription and multiplex qPCR detection.
  • Fast results and specific priming due to an aptamer-mediated hot start protocol.
  • Especially suited for automated workflows due to high thermostability of reverse transcriptase and AptaTaq Fast DNA Polymerase.


  • RT-Enzyme Solution, 200x conc.
  • RT-PCR Reaction Mix, 5x conc.
  • Water, PCR grade

Optimized for multiplex PCR of 3 or more targets and an internal control RNA, this 5x master mix is especially suited for the fast and efficient detection of virus parameters in human sample materials. The robust formulation allows multiplex one-step RT-qPCR detection of a multitude of viral targets without the need for reaction condition optimization or adaptation. DNA and RNA targets can be run with the same PCR protocol on the LightCycler® 480 and LightCycler® 96 Instruments.

The LightCycler® Multiplex RNA Virus Master consists of a unique recombinant reverse transcriptase (200x concentrated) and a complete 5x PCR reaction mix with AptaTaq Fast DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, and a special reaction mix for multiplex qPCR. AptaTaq Fast DNA Polymerase is a thermostable, recombinant Taq polymerase with aptamer-mediated, reversible hot start. It is immediately activated by heating, which allows specific priming and fast PCR.