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MagNA Lyser Green Beads

Essential 2.0 ml sample tubes filled with ceramic beads for homogenizing solid cellular sample material using the MagNA Lyser Instrument.
For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
03358941001 100 tubes

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MagNA Lyser Green Beads are supplied in 2-ml screw-capped tubes, prefilled with 1.4-mm (diameter) ceramic beads. These tubes are specifically designed for use with MagNA Pure LC lysis buffers (for isolating DNA or RNA) and the MagNA Lyser Instrument to quickly and completely homogenize a variety of solid cellular sample materials, such as bacteria, fungi, and animal and plant tissues and cells.

The combination of the MagNA Pure LC Kits and the MagNA Lyser System provides high-quality purification of RNA, mRNA, and DNA.


 2 ml screw-cap tubes prefilled with 1.4 mm ceramic beads.

The MagNA Lyser Green Beads (tubes prefilled with ceramic beads) are specially designed for use in the MagNA Lyser Instrument to achieve optimal homogenization of various sample materials (e.g., tissue, plant tissue, cells). The ceramic beads can be used with the optimized lysis buffers of the MagNA Pure LC reagent kits for nucleic-acid extraction with the MagNA Pure LC Instrument.

The ceramic beads quickly homogenize bacteria, fungi, mammalian and plant tissue, and all cell types to produce a supernatant containing stabilized nucleic acids and proteins. The resulting supernatant is suitable for subsequent purification, extraction, or analysis using either the MagNA Pure LC Instruments or the MagNA Pure Compact Instrument.
Recommended MagNA Lyser speed and run time settings are provided in many of the MagNA Pure LC and MagNA Compact pack inserts. After tissue and lysis reagents are added to the sample tubes, the instrument disrupts tissues and cells using rapid, oscillating agitation. There is no need to use additional lysing enzymes or mechanical grinding tools.
The MagNA Lyser Instrument and MagNA Lyser Green Beads can also be used with non-Roche lysis buffers that have been evaluated for tissue homogenization and the stabilization of nucleic acids. When using the instrument and ceramic beads with such lysis buffers, it will be necessary to test various speed and run times to optimize tissue homogenization.