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MagNA Pure 24 Instrument

A fully-automated clinical nucleic acid extraction system that brings you walkaway automation for up to 24 samples.

For in vitro diagnostic use.

Product No. Pack Size
07290519001 1 instrument, built-in control unit, and accessories

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The MagNA Pure 24 System purifies nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials using magnetic glass particle technology. The MagNA Pure 24 System builds on the legacy of the MagNA Pure automated nucleic acid extraction systems and processes up to 24 samples in just over an hour using barcoded, prefilled cassettes with ready-to-use reagents.

Preprogrammed software protocols are tailored to a diversity of prevalidated human sample types. The isolated and purified nucleic acids meet the quality standards required for genomic workflows such as highly sensitive quantitative PCR/RT-PCR analysis.

This system enhances your nucleic acid isolation workflow with easy-to-use features such as mixed-sample batching for multiple downstream applications, plus;

  • Scalable extraction of 1-24 samples with primary sample
  • A single universal reagent kit covering 10 prevalidated human samples types, with volume inputs ranging 200 µL to 4 mL
  • Inventory and sample tracking
  • True walkaway automation with safety surveillance features
  • Seamless data management using intuitive features, such as the link to a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

MagNA Pure 24 System protocols are available for download (note: not available for download in the US).

Magnetism is used for automated nucleic acid isolation performed by the MagNA Pure 24 System. Magnetic glass particles (MGPs) are used to isolate RNA, DNA and total nucleic acids (tNA) from a variety of different sample materials.

Table: Key specifications of the MagNA Pure 24 System:


Sample number:

1 to 24 isolations per run

Sample volume:

input of 200 µL to 4 mL

Ability to mix batch within one run:


Validated human sample types:

whole blood, plasma, serum, nasopharyngeal/nasal swabs, bronchoalveolar lavage, urine, stool, bacteria cultures, cultured cells, fresh-frozen tissue, FFPET - formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue

Run time for 24 isolations:

Please refer to the MagNA Pure 24 protocol data sheet for more detail

Reagent type:

universal, prefilled, ready-to-use cassettes

LIMS connectivity:


21CFR part 11 (subsection B) compatibility:





The Magna Pure 24 System is on software version 1.1 currently.

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If you need assistance to update your system software, please contact your local Roche representative.

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