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RealTime ready Cell Lysis Kit

Reagent for lysing cells prior to two-step real-time RT-PCR applications.

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product No. Pack Size
06366821001 50 x 40 µL reactions
Product No. Pack Size
05943523001 500 x 40 µL reactions

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Keywords: qPCR, Cell Lysis


  • Increase convenience:
    Replace cumbersome multi-step RNA purification protocols with a simple one-step cell lysis procedure.
  • Improve time to result:
    Lyse samples in just 5 minutes at room temperature without further steps.
  • Reduce intermediate steps:
    Obtain faster, high-quality results by performing DNase treatment during cDNA synthesis.
  • Benefit from broad applicability:
    Scale up from 3 to 30,000 cultured cells for real-time PCR applications in 96- to 1536-well formats with or without automation. 


1. Ready-to-use Lysis Buffer (20 mL)
2. Protector RNase Inhibitor (250 µL - 40 U/µL)
3. Thermolabile Nuclease (250 µL)

The RealTime ready Cell Lysis Kit is designed for rapid, high-performance gene expression studies using cultured cells in two-step, real-time RT-PCR applications. The kit uses an advanced one-step protocol for lysing 3 to 30,000 cells within 5 minutes at room temperature. The resulting lysate can be used directly in cDNA synthesis, eliminating the time-consuming RNA purification step. Finally, the cDNA can be analyzed in real-time PCR experiments at any throughput (e.g., LightCycler® 480 Instrument, 96- and 384-well; LightCycler® 1536 Instrument, 1536-well). Due to the user-friendly packaging and easy-to-use protocol, the RealTime ready Cell Lysis Kit can be easily adapted to all experimental and throughput requirements. In addition, the kit easily integrates into all manual and automated cell-based gene expression workflows.

The RealTime ready Cell Lysis Kit is optimal when used with the following products for downstream cDNA synthesis and real-time PCR analysis:
Transcriptor cDNA Synthesis Kits, LightCycler® 480 DNA Masters, RealTime ready DNA Probes Masters, Universal ProbeLibrary probes, and RealTime ready assays.


The RealTime ready Cell Lysis Kit is tested to meet specifications of RT-qPCR.