MagNA Pure Tube 2.0 mL

For general laboratory use.

Product No. Pack Size
07857551001 350 pieces

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The MagNA Pure Tubes have a volume of 2.0 mL and can be used on the MagNA Pure 24 System and MagNA Pure Compact System. They can also be stored in the freezer for archive purposes.

With the MagNA Pure 24 System, the MagNA Pure Tubes (2.0 mL) are used as secondary tubes, user-defined internal control tubes, and output tubes.

With the MagNA Pure Compact System, the MagNA Pure Tubes (2.0 mL) are used as internal control tubes and output tubes.

Use of MagNA Pure Tubes 2.0 mL with the MagNA Pure 24 Instrument:

  • When using as secondary tubes: Use a sample tube adapter to place 2.0 mL tubes on sample racks.
  • When using as output tubes: Use the 18 mm output adapter to place them on the cooling station. Use 2.0 mL tubes for any output volume.

The MagNA Pure Tubes (2.0 mL) cannot be used in post elution runs.